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Alvex Training Courses

We provide Alvex Administration and Development training courses on on-site basis. This training courses are ideal for customers and partners with a large team of analysts, administrators and developers who start working with Alfresco and Alvex.

Alvex Administration (2 days)

In scope:

  • Alfresco and Alvex architecture
  • Alvex installation, backup & recovery, upgrade
  • Basic configuration, Outbound and Inbound email integration
  • Org Chart administration
  • Document registers management
    • creating office type sites and managing user permissions
    • automatical IDs configuration
    • Master Data integration
    • creating custom register types
  • Board collaboration extension and Project sites basics
  • Integration with MS Office, LibreOffice, Google Docs
  • Using content rules for documents processing

Alvex Development (3 days)

In scope:

  • workflow types creation: basics
    • defining workflow
    • workflows with gateways
    • Share configuration and forms development
  • workflow types creation: in-depth study
    • using org chart, role-based task assignment
    • related workflows configuration
    • scripts and triggers in workflows
    • files permissions configuration
  • creating new reports
  • using documents auto-generation engine

Delegates are expected to understand workflow concepts, to know JavaScript basics, and to attend Alvex Administration or Alfresco Essentials courses.

Regular public training are held in Moscow, Russian Federation, every quarter. Contact us to request on-site training in other city. The price depends on number of delegates and accommodation costs for the instructor.

Red Hat and Alfresco Training Courses

We provide Red Hat Training courses in Russia in cooperation with our partner Inventa. Schedule is available at

For partners and customers in Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS we also provide Alfresco official training courses in Russian language together with Averi. Contact us if you are interested in receiving a training.

Custom Training Courses on-request

Your team is looking for learning advanced topics that are not addressed in official courses? We are ready to prepare and provide a custom training for your developers to share the knowledge we accumulated during Alvex and Nebh development. Contact us if you are about to start a project based on the following products:

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