Our mission

To fill the gap between theory and practice.

We enjoy implementing solutions nobody worked with before. I suppose everyone knows, how it works. Companies sometimes need a new system and they have lots of very specific and unique requirements. No big surprise here. But that is the point where default market players give up without trying. They say: "There are no best practices in this area", "Nobody uses this configuration" and so on. Finally they suggest the customer buy some "proven enterprise solution". The solution looks nice and costs a fortune. However, it fails to meet the customer’s requirements. Nevertheless we undertake any task, and do our best to meet your own unique needs.

Alexey Vasyukov, CTO

250+ customers

24x7 assistance

60 000+ users

5 years uptime

Our core values

We are doing our best to make you call us:


We try to be open in all sences: we follow open standards, develop open source software, share our knowledge with partners, and consider ideas and requests of our community.


We believe that the best way to become successful is to build an honest collaboration with customers and partners. While sharing experience and knowledge, we help each other to attain success.


We are committed to making our customers' projects successful. We take charge of your problems, because we consider ourselves responsible for your prosperity.


For our customers having access to the system is crucial. We spend a lot of time ensuring that our products are stable and secure before they reach the users.


We enjoy our work. We use our drive and commitment to energise the software and to make it more stable and user friendly. We use our products ourselves, so we are interested in making it perfect.


We regard our customers and their wishes as of paramount importance. We build our business not for ourselves but for our customers, so we are trying to be as attentive as possible to our users.

Our story

ITD Systems founded

July 2010

ITD Systems releases Alfresco persistent layer for Orbeon

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July 2011

ITD Systems open sources Alfresco add-ons and introduces them on Alfresco DevCon

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November 2011

ITD Systems introduces first public release of Alvex - Alfresco based solution for dynamic BPM

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May 2012

ITD Systems announces document registers in Alvex 1.3 and starts providing enterprise support

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November 2012

ITD Systems introduces reports and analytics as a part of Alvex 1.4

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April 2013

ITD Systems announces Alvex for IBM Pureflex

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May 2013

ITD Systems completed project on low-latency messaging in Red Hat Realtime infrastructure for major financial institution

October 2013

ITD Systems introduces adaptive case management in Alvex 2.0

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November 2013

ITD Systems delivers distributed archive based on Alfresco for a government entity with offices in 120 regions

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December 2013

ITD Systems delivers the first Alvex subscription to the US

February 2014

ITD Systems hosts Alfresco Meetup in Russia

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May 2014

ITD Systems starts working on Nebvex development

July 2014

ITD Systems opens European sales and marketing in the UK

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August 2014

ITD Systems announces Alvex 2.1 for managing Master Data in Alfresco

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October 2014

ITD Systems delivers the first large scale cloud project built on VMWare vSphere and Red Hat CloudForms

December 2014

ITD Systems announces the major Alvex stratagy change

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February 2015

ITD Systems delivers the first Alvex subscription to Africa

March 2014

ITD Systems starts Nebh Project as a founding member

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May 2015


Our company is headquartered in Wakefield, England, United Kingdom. Our development and support office is operated by ITD Systems LLC and located in Moscow, Russia. Our engeneering team is located in Russia since we base the working process on providing proven quality and long term traditions of complex software development.

Riverside View, Thornes Lane, Wakefield, United Kingdom

‘Alexeevskaya tower’ Business-center, Raketniy boulevard, 16, floor 7, Moscow, Russian Federation

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