Managing your business processes,
projects and documents

Alvex is a set of extensions for Alfresco that improves Alfresco capabilities in adaptive case management, document management, project management and business process management areas. Alvex is an open-source software, that you can easily download, install and start using. It provides many features for users out-of-the-box. Developers can use Alvex as a part of their solutions and extend Alvex to meet business needs.

Project Management with Alvex

Alvex provides tools to create a workspace for every long-term project that aggregates all information responsible team member needs to manage it:

Business Process Management with Alvex

Document Management with Alvex

Using Alvex for all document and process management tasks helps to reduce operational costs, avoid the documents confusion, which makes the whole process clear and easily manageable at the same time.

Committees Collaboration with Alvex

Alvex provides workspaces for committee members:

Committee secretary can review requests to consider the issue by committee members, schedule new meetings and generate meeting minutes using corporate templates. Committee members can review meeting documents and inform other members about their decision on an issue.

Alvex for Systems Integrators

Alvex provides both ready for use common extensions and rich APIs for integration into custom solutions. Use Java, JavaScript and REST API to integrate Alvex with third-party applications or to develop custom components on top of Alvex. See our Partner Program to learn why to become a partner and what do you get from using Alvex in your projects.

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